8 Best Yellow Box shoes and Sandals for women

When mentioning about the Yellow Box brand, people all know that it is the famous brand which can survive time to time after being established. These shoes made from this brand often bring the inspiration for individuals when seeing for the first time. You can search for the store and you will find lots of footwear which offers the stylish, unique and high quality aspects.

Actually, shoes and sandals have different designs and types day by day. In this 8 Best Yellow Box Shoes and Sandals for women, individuals can experience the pure, feminine sense that catch the attention of surrounding people. These shoes aim to put women in a good position as well as the scene they are looking for.

1. Yellow Box Alexandria Women’s Sandal

1. Yellow Box Alexandria Women's Sandal

For those women who love to make a point for others, these shoes will stay lovely on your feet. Although the wegde part is high, individuals can experience the sense of comfort even when wearing for all day. Offered customers a wide range of color, this make this Yellow Box pair become more famous compared with other models in the market nowadays.

2. Yellow Box Womens Latona Thong Sandal Black Lizard 6 M US

2. Yellow Box Womens Latona Thong Sandal Black Lizard 6 M US

With the height measured approximately 1.75 inches, this Latona Thong Sandal is one of the best choices if you have to move from different areas during the worktime. Actually, people often find it hard when picking one pair of shoes for their own. However, don’t worry since the Yellow Box brand offers individuals shoes that best fit the size. 

Made from synthetic and leather materials at the upper part of the products, the quality is sure to be pretty good so that you can wear for such a long period of time. As you can see from the picture, it has one interesting feature as the metal ornament ring at the middle of the shoes. Just one pattern but it can create the powerful impression on other people.


3. Yellow Box Biago Women’s Sandal

3. Yellow Box Biago Women's Sandal
Offer 4 different tones of color, then individuals can choose to pick up the one that they like most. In some concepts, having a little sparkle thing will turn out your shoes into one of the best shoes in this 2015. And this pair offers this features. The strap is designed in such a feminine and charming way for girls to wear. You can wear them on different occasion such as going to the beach, hanging out with friends or even when you intend to wander around your neighborhood.

5. Yellow Box Women’s Custard Sandal

5. Yellow Box Women's Custard Sandal

All Yellow Box flip flops seem to be comfortable and have a catchy appearance. These are no exception, they are very similar to some footwear brand in the market, but in a slightly higher wedge base. To illustrate, the height is measured to be approximately 2 inches and the flatform goes for 0.75 inches. It creates the balance between each part in the shoes as well.

6. Yellow Box Desma Women’s Sandal

6. Yellow Box Desma Women's Sandal

This Yellow Box desma sandal was designed in the thong style wear so that it can be offered for them who love to try new styles. Man-made lining and footbed, individuals can experience the comfortable feeling when slipping their feet in this pair of shoes. Since this latest shoes were imported from other countries, it sure adapted the good standard and high quality. 

7. Yellow Box Women’s Tizzy Sandal

7. Yellow Box Women's Tizzy SandalAfter producing this model, Yellow Box seemed to get lots of compliments from customers about this synthetic and tizzy sandal. The strap has colorful and catchy dots so that it can catch lots of attention from customers. To illustrate, dots are hot which make this colorful sandal is ready to spark a style revolution in this year.

On the other hand, the polka-dot synthetic strap and comfortable fabric toe post. Therefore, if you have to work and srand during the day, this is one of the best shoes that you need to consider. Having the lightly cushioned footbed and 1″ heel height with 1/2″ front platform

8. Yellow Box Sophia Women’s Sandal

8. Yellow Box Sophia Women's Sandal

This model has a crisscross strap design made in pink. With this feature, it not only creates the feminine style, but balance the color between the design and the heel as well.. Slip-on wear and man-made lining and footbed to bring the comfortable and simple design for individuals.

Overall, hopefully after taking a glimpse from this collection of 8 Best Yellow Box Shoes and Sandals for women, you can have one suitable pair for your own. These shoes are designed in the catchy and comfortable features. All the Yellow Box brand want to offer to their customers is the comfort feeling, this is one of the most important things when one person consider to purchase their shoes stype.



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