8 Best Kitten heels shoes in 2016 with colorful designs

In the shoes collection, high-heel shoes are the best accessories for women nowadays. These shoes bring a feminine and elegant sense when wearing in various special events. Take a deeper look, those heels are named in the fifties and sixties since more girls love to be looked like mature women in some cases. However, besides the usual design of heels, heel now has different styles to meet the requirement of women and girls.

In the market, high heeled shoes with best kitten heels shoes come from various brands including Clarks, CK or even the Anne Klein. These 8 Best Kitten heels shoes in this 2016 with colorful designs allow individuals to pick up one particular pair for their own. For some pairs, they are produced with an affordable price for you to consider.

1. Anne Klein Women’s Expert Reptile Dress Pump

1. Anne Klein Women's Expert Reptile Dress Pump

Made of imported materials and reptile leather, this pair is considered to be the best kitten heels shoes in this 2016. The exterior materials help to make this shoes sparkle and more elegant when mixing with clothing sets such as short dress, skirts or sexy clothing.

For those who often afraid about the heels, these kitten heels shoes offer their kitten heels measured from roughly 1.75 inches. Therefore, just feel free to make various movements during the day. The reptile-embossed pump featuring one pointed at the toe and slingback strap for individuals to take on and off even when they are in a hurry. Also designed with the visible logo for emphasizing the quality of the shoes.

2. Nine West Women’s Illumie Suede Dress Pump

2. Nine West Women's Illumie Suede Dress Pump

Among various shoes brands for women, Nine West is well-known for producing the passionate and feminine design of kitten heels shoes. Made of imported leather, the sole is manmaded so that it creates the comfortable sense when wearing. One feature which makes it famous among other best kitten heels shoes 2016 is that it offers a wide range of colors from the basic to the modern and vintage one.

3. Chinese Laundry Women’s Giggle Low Heeled Pump

3. Chinese Laundry Women's Giggle Low Heeled Pump

This is one of the must-have items for those who have to work in a professional environment or fulfill the business purposes. Featuring the smooth leather and suede in the upper part, you can experience the softness and comfort when wearing during the day.

Known as a versatile pair of kitten heels shoes, it allows individuals to combine with different types of clothes including the jeans, trim skirts and panties as well. Designed with the 1-inch heel, it is less likely to live the markings on the floor when you had walked on the mud or dirty things. The sole also has paddle sock line and low height for supporting the comfort.

4. Ollio Women’s Shoe Classic Mid Heel Faux Suede Pump

4. Ollio Women's Shoe Classic Mid Heel Faux Suede Pump

Made of synthetic and manmade materials, individuals can feel free to explore the convenient and comfortable in those best kitten heels shoes in 2016. This pair of shoes comes in 3 basic colors including the Leopard, Red, and Dsand. Each of the tones brings the elegant and stunning appearance with helps individuals to stand out when wearing on events or parties. The kitten heels are measured approximately 1.96 inches.

In term of size, it offers four sizes for choosing the suitable one with your feet. However, some latest customers have suggested that individuals should pick up the ½ size which is larger compared to your real size.

5. Riverberry Women’s ‘Katy’ Fashion Best kitten heels shoes

5. Riverberry Women's 'Katy' Fashion Kitten Heeled Pumps

To product some best kitten heels shoes in this 2016, Riverberry was also well known for the premium quality and elegant designs. Made of the synthetic leather. The sole is manmaded which measured roughly 2.5 inches. With the feminine design, it helps emphasize the feet as well as the gait of women and girls when wearing. This pair of kitten heels shoes available in various colors and patterns, even it has the reptile leather for those who are interested.

6. Qupid CD21 Women Leatherette Pointy Toe Kitten Low Heel Pump – White

6. Qupid CD21 Women Leatherette Pointy Toe Kitten Low Heel Pump - White

Let’s take a glimpse at another comfortable pair of kitten heels shoes with elegant design – the Qupid CD21 Women Leatherette Pointy Toe Kitten Low Heel Pump. Made of leatherette, the sole is synthetic non-skid and designed with cushioned foot bed for making your feet feel comfortable. When wearing this pair, women can easily take on/ off even when they are in a hurry.

This white color is very suitable when you intend to go to weddings or some dating events with your partner. It reveals the feminine goes along with an innocent outlook for most girls nowadays. Why don’t give this best kitten heels shoes a try in this year?

7. Nine West Women’s Iri Pump Best Kitten Heels Shoes

7. Nine West Women's Iri Pump

Come in 3 basic colors including the Green leather, Black and Dark Taupe, this one is suitable for mature women who have to work in the professional environment. Famous for its quality, Nine West has rarely made customers dissatisfy with their imported and synthetic leather materials. The exterior design and material feature the strong and durable aspect which may make this one become one of the best kitten heels shoes in 2016.

In term of size, this one offers different sizes that you can pick up the most suitable and fit one. The pointed toe of shoes is designed with the golden buckle. This feature emphasizes the beauty and makes a focus point for individuals when looking at your shoes.

8. Classic Mary Jane Round Toe Dress Patent MP, New Women Shoe Size by Sully’s

8. Classic Mary Jane Round Toe Dress Patent MP, New Women Shoe Size by Sully's

For those who have love the Mary Jane style for years, why don’t consider this pair to add in your collection? This one is perfect when wearing to dressy events and office regularly. If you have a limited height, this Mary Jane Round Toe Dress Patent MP has a 2.5 inches kitten heels for supporting the perfect gait.

Made of imported and manmade materials, just feel free to make various movements even when you have to wear during the day. Various sizes for supporting different feet sizes of customers

Nowadays, the shoes high heels design, especially the kitten heels shoes with red bottom are also found by lots of girls thanks to its feminine design and comfortable sense when wearing. They also offer individuals with different sizes, heels height and designs for you to pick up. After reading this 8 Best Kitten heels shoes in this 2016 with colorful designs collection, most women may want to pick one pair for their own to emphasize the traditional clothing sets in everyday life.

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